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boat transportation services

Finding the right boat transport services in Florida is your first step in moving your boat. As a boating enthusiast, you understand the thrill and freedom of owning a vessel. But transporting it can be daunting.

Whether you’re moving your boat across state lines or shipping it out of state or overseas, knowing all about boat transport services is crucial for a smooth journey for your aquatic investment. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know to successfully move or transport your boat!

Select the Appropriate Transport Method

Boat transportation can vary a lot, depending on your vessel’s size and your preferences. Different methods might be used based on these factors:

1. Shipping Your Boat With Its Own Trailer

At first, towing your boat yourself across Florida might seem like a good idea. However, the regulations can be tough. Before you start your journey, make sure your boat and trailer meet these specifications:

Size Matters

Boats that are wider than 8.5 feet and taller than 13.6 feet when loaded are called “oversized.” You need permits from the Florida Department of Transportation to move them.

Safety First

For oversized loads, you need big signs like 18″x18″ red flags on all corners. You also need “Oversize Load” banners and flashing amber lights in some cases.

2. Overland Shipping of Boats

Florida’s sunny roads might make you want to tow your boat yourself, but the state regulations can be tricky. Before you hit the road, make sure your vessel follows these important rules:

Size Matters

Boats that are over 12 feet wide or 13.6 feet tall when loaded are called “oversized.” You need permits from the Florida Department of Transportation for them.

Safety First

To transport oversized loads efficiently, you need to display specific signage like flags and “Oversize Load” banners prominently. Depending on their size, you might also need flashing lights or an escort vehicle.

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3. Shipping an Overland Boat With Professionals

While Florida’s allure might tempt you to bring your boat here, its regulations can make navigating its waters challenging. For larger vessels, think about hiring the best professional overland boat transport services Florida has to offer for safe and hassle-free transport. Otherwise, if traveling by road, make sure you adhere to key points.

Size Restrictions

Items that are over 12 feet wide or 13.6 feet tall need permits from the Florida Department of Transportation.

Safety Regulations

Oversized loads need special signs like flags or “Oversize Load” banners to show they’re oversized. Depending on size, they might also need flashing lights or escort vehicles.

Professional haulers know these rules well, making sure your boat gets safely and quickly across Florida while you focus on enjoying its calm waters ahead.

4. Shipping Your Boat on Cargo Ships

Florida’s vast waterways might seem appealing for larger vessels, but navigating them alone can be tough and time-consuming. Instead, cargo transport ships can provide efficient and safe passage at a competitive cost compared to overland transport. Freight forwarding companies handle all logistics efficiently, ensuring your vessel arrives on schedule at its destination.

Florida’s regulations govern oversized loads transported overland. Vessels wider than 12 feet or taller than 13.6 feet when fully loaded need permits, signage, and possibly even an escort service to ensure compliance and give you peace of mind while enjoying a smooth sailing experience.

Professional services provide peace of mind by ensuring compliance, allowing you more time to focus on making memories along the way.

boat transportation services

Calculating Transport Costs

The costs of boat transport services in Florida can vary significantly based on several factors:

1. Distance

Put simply, the farther your boat needs to travel, the more transportation will cost. Whether it’s a local trip or crossing oceans, distance can greatly affect pricing, and prices may change accordingly.

2. Size and Weight

Bigger boats occupy more space on transport vehicles and result in higher transport costs per mile. Factors like length, width, and height affect pricing.

3. Additional Considerations

It’s important to tell your boat transporter about any extra items beforehand to avoid space issues or logistical problems and breaking transportation rules by adding extra objects.

Finding the Perfect Boat Transport Option

When choosing how to transport your boat, consider factors like convenience, cost, and vessel size. While transporting it yourself might seem cheaper, professional services offer expertise and peace of mind. Think about your needs and budget to figure out what’s best for you.


Transporting a boat requires careful planning. Whether you opt for overland transport, sailing your vessel directly, or cargo ship shipping, understanding the process is key for a successful voyage. By choosing the best boat transport services Florida like Dasie Transport offers and following regulations, you can ensure your vessel arrives safely at its destination, ready for new adventures on the water.

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