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How much does it cost to transport a car? Costs to ship a vehicle range from $500 up to $1700. The majority of cars are transported across the U.S. via truck. These truck-mounted vehicle carriers can transport nine or ten vehicles at once — if they don’t carry more — over a distance of up to several thousand miles within a few short days.

Cost to Transport a Car

Car shipping rates can vary widely depending on several factors. They may range from $500 for short trips across states to over $1,700 for long distance transports.

These estimates were created based on the cost of shipping a Toyota Camry on an open carrier between major cities (the most popular method of transportation). 

How to Calculate Cost per Mile When Shipping a Vehicle

You can get an idea of the cost to ship your car by multiplying the distance traveled by the approximate price per mile.  You should have a rough idea of what to budget.

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What Factors Affect Car Shipping Prices?

Although we have provided some guidelines, it is difficult to estimate the cost to transport a car. Multiple factors affect the final price.

Read below to find out how your rates compare to the average.

Vehicle Size

Car shipping prices are affected by the size of your car. Example a sedan can be transported between Massachusetts and Florida for $650 to $825, while the same companies could charge up to $1200 to ship an SUV, van, or pickup truck.

Transporting larger vehicles is more expensive because they take more space and weigh more. The lower the cost per vehicle the more vehicles a truck can transport.

The Time of the Year

Expect to pay more in peak months, when shipping companies are busier and the space available on trucks is limited. Shipping a car during the summer can cost up to $300 or $200 more per trip.

Booking a shipment in winter for areas with bad weather can increase the cost to transport a  car. Snowstorms and other weather-related delays can increase the cost of vehicle transport.

Ask about peak rates when you are planning your vehicle transportation. Also, find out if there are any discounts offered by the shipping company or broker during off-seasons that will lower the cost of vehicle shipping. If you time your shipment correctly, these discounts can amount to significant savings.

Shipping Distance

The more distance your vehicle has to travel, you’ll pay. The mileage rates may vary depending on which transporter you select. Research several companies to see how they charge for distance.

Transport companies often charge less for transporting long distances over wide highways. If a carrier is going from Miami to Boston, it will have to pass through several cities where there may be heavy traffic, which could affect the travel time.

The vast majority of travel from Boston to Los Angeles is done at high speeds, free of traffic. The cheaper per-mile rates are the more miles a carrier covers in a single day.

Carrier Type (Open vs. Enclosed)

Open car carriers are cheaper to ship your vehicle because they can hold more cars than enclosed carriers. This reduces the cost of shipping per vehicle.

Jacob Carter, founder of – a site dedicated to car maintenance and repairs – explained that enclosed carriers are best suited for rare cars or those with high sentimental or monetary value. “If you have readers who have a cherished car, they might want to consider enclosed transportation to protect it from the elements and road debris.”

The enclosed trucks offer extra protection to classic or expensive cars, but they can only carry a few vehicles. This can almost double the shipping costs. Carter says that while it might be expensive, for car enthusiasts the peace of mind is worth every penny.

Delivery Time (Rush or Standard)

You’ll pay more for a rushed shipping service, just like with other shipping services. You can expect to pay between $200 and $500 more for rush shipping. If you are flexible with the date your vehicle will arrive at its destination, then you can save money.

You’ll usually be given a window of three days for pickup and a date that is fairly accurate for delivery. Most companies will store your vehicle in their facility if you need it picked up on a certain date.

Delivery Location

It is convenient to have your vehicle delivered from its current location directly to your destination, but terminal-to-terminal delivery (shipping between pickup and drop-off locations nearby) is usually more affordable.

Your Car’s Performance

It costs more to ship inoperable vehicles because they are harder to load and unload. The cost to get your car moving again might be less than the extra shipping charge, but you should still keep it in mind.

Carrier Bidding Process

Prices can vary because carriers compete to see who will charge the most for shipping your car. One reviewer, Lance, from Arkansas said about the bidding process: “You have to find the right driver who represents the company, and may also be going that route.”

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What Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Ship an Automobile?

Open terminal-to-terminal transport is usually the most economical way to ship your car. Open auto transporters can transport up to 10 cars, saving operators money on fuel, oil, and transportation costs.

The cost of terminal-to-terminal is usually cheaper than that of door-to-door since the driver does not have to bring the vehicle to your house or office. Door-to-door services can be cheaper in some cases due to storage costs.

Try to ship your car during the offseason, from late fall to late spring. Summer and early autumn are the most popular times to ship your car. The prices will generally increase to reflect increased demand.

Check if You Are Eligible for Discounts

Find out if there are any discounts or offers available if you want to ship your car cheaply. Auto transport discounts can include:

  • Military discounts Many auto transportation companies offer discounts to military personnel in recognition of their service and to assist with frequent moving.
  • First Responder Discounts: Certain auto transport companies offer discounts to first responders.
  • Student discounts Many companies offer discounts to students moving from or to college in the summer.
  • Senior Discounts: Many older people are on fixed incomes or have strict budgets. Some auto transport companies provide senior discounts.
  • Discounts for first-time customers: Many auto transport companies will offer you a discount when it is your first time shipping with them.
  • Discount for returning customers: Some auto transport companies provide discounts to their clients who ship with them again.
  • Discounts for multi-car shipping: The majority of companies will offer you a discount when you ship multiple cars at the same time.
  • Early bird discounts: Certain companies offer a discount if you sign up within 48 hours of receiving a quotation.

Payment Method Fees

Some shipping companies charge a surcharge of 2%-3% when paying with a credit card. Find out which payment methods are accepted by your shipping company and if you will be charged an extra fee if you pay with a card.

You Need to Know the Following Before Shipping Your Vehicle

How you handle the process of shipping your vehicle across state lines or across country will determine the final cost.

1. Choose how you would like your car to be delivered

The cost of shipping a car is often affected by the pickup and dropoff method.

  • Terminal to terminal car shipping: You will need to drop off your vehicle at a specified location, and then pick it up near your destination. This is the most cost-effective option. However, you will need to arrange transportation to and from each terminal.
  • Car transport from door to door: This is the most convenient method of shipping, as the carrier will pick up your car at your chosen location and deliver it to the final destination. This shipping method is slightly more expensive because it requires the driver to spend extra time on the road.

2. What type of carrier do you need?

Many auto shipping companies offer both enclosed and open transport.

  • Open transport services for cars: The majority of people opt for open carriers because they offer lower rates and more flexibility in shipping. The open transport method exposes your car to debris and weather, but it is not likely to cause damage.
  • Car transport enclosed: Due to the limited space, an enclosed vehicle can be up to 50% more expensive. This is a good option for shipping cars that are highly valued, such as a classic automobile.

3. Get a written estimate of the cost

The pricing is an important part of the equation for car shipping. As prices change throughout the year it is important to get a written estimate.

Considerations to make when evaluating quotes

  • Insurance Most reputable shipping companies include insurance in their quote. Check to see if the shipping company’s insurance policy is primary or secondary. Also, check if you have personal insurance that covers damage caused during shipping.
  • Shipping fees and rates: Some shipping companies charge per mile. The rates are usually lower when there are several cars traveling to the same city.
  • Delay Policy: Inquire about the company’s policy on refunding shipping costs if an automobile is late.

4. When will your car be picked up?

By scheduling your car shipping service eight weeks in advance, you can be more flexible while reducing your shipping costs.

You can save more money by being more flexible. However, as one Consumer Affairs Reviewer, Dawn, from Florida said, “It’s a bit scary to wait until the last moment before you know for certain if they will pick up your car, but it’s how the industry operates.”

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