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It’s a great way to create memories and experience adventure. What happens when you have to move your RV across town, or across the country? Although towing your RV by yourself may seem cost-effective, it is not always the best or most safe option. RV trailer transport is a service that can help.

This comprehensive guide will give you all the information you need to successfully navigate the world RV trailer transport. We will explore the advantages of hiring a professional, examine key factors to take into consideration when selecting a company, and give step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your RV trailer for travel.

RV Trailer Transport Services Offer Many Benefits

Although it may seem appealing to tow your RV by yourself, using a professional service to transport RV trailers has many benefits. Take a look at some of the key benefits.

  • Enjoy Peace of Mind & Convenience: It is important to note that the biggest benefit of hiring an RV trailer transportation service is the peace of mind you will enjoy. Transporters with experience and expertise can handle your RV in a safe and secure manner. Your RV will be in safe hands, so you can focus on your destination. These services also eliminate the need to plan your route, secure permits for large vehicles (if needed), and deal with possible breakdowns while on the road.
  • Safety and Security: RV trailers are heavy and require skill and experience to maneuver, especially when traveling long distances. The companies that provide RV trailer transportation services employ drivers who are trained to handle different RV types. They use specialized equipment to transport your RV safely, minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Insurance: Most reputable RV trailer transport companies carry comprehensive insurance for the vehicles that they transport. You can rest assured that your RV will be protected from any accidents that may occur during transportation.
  • It is time-consuming to transport your RV by yourself: Professional services possess the expertise and resources to make sure your RV reaches its destination quickly. They have logistics networks and established routes, which allows them to transport RVs in less time than you can manage.

What to Look for in an RV Trailer Transport Service Company

It is important to choose the right company for RV trailer transport services if you want a stress-free and smooth experience. Consider these key factors when selecting a company:

  • Experience and Reputation – Look for a firm with extensive experience and a track record of successfully transporting RVs. You can check online testimonials and reviews from previous customers to gauge the reputation of a company.
  • Verify that the company has all necessary permits and licenses to operate in your area, including transporting large vehicles. Verify they have adequate insurance for the RV’s worth. Do not hesitate to ask for copies of the insurance certificate.
  • Flexible Service Options: Select a company offering a range of options for RV trailer transport services to meet your needs. You may choose to have your RV towed, transported on a flatbed, or driven away by a professional driver. Inquire about the flexibility of the company in regards to scheduling pickups and deliveries.
  • Communication and Customer Service: Effective communication throughout the transportation process is essential. Select a company whose communication is clear and consistent. You should have access to them at all times so that they can answer any questions you may have and address your concerns. You should look for reviews that praise the company’s customer service and responsiveness.

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General RV Trailer Transport Service Preparation for Transport

Prepare your RV for the journey once you have chosen a reliable service. Here are some important steps to follow:

  • Drain fluids and secure belongings: Drain all unnecessary fluids before moving your RV. It could be antifreeze, fresh water from the tank, or propane (if applicable). Secure all loose items in the RV so they don’t move or cause damage.
  • Check the Tire Pressure and the Lights. Proper tire inflation is crucial for safe travel. All tires, including spares, should be inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Check that all exterior and running lights are working properly.
  • You may need to disconnect batteries (if needed) depending on your transport method and company recommendations. This will help prevent any electrical problems during transportation.

RV Trailer Transport Services: Specific considerations for different RV trailer types

The general RV preparation steps described above may apply to all RV trailers. However, depending on what type of RV you have, some considerations might need to be made. The following is a breakdown of some RV trailers:

Towing vs. Hauling:

Towing and hauling are both options offered by many RV trailer transport companies. Towing is the process of using a tow vehicle with a special hitch to tow your RV trailer. Hauling is the process of loading your RV on a flatbed and moving it.

  • For smaller fifth wheels or travel trailers, towing is usually the most cost-effective solution. Towing is the most cost-effective option for smaller travel trailers or fifth wheels.
  • Hauling is the safer option for RVs that are heavier and larger, like Class A motorhomes. Hauling also offers better protection to your RV’s sub-frame from road debris.

Transporting a class A motorhome with RV trailer transport services:

Class A motorhomes can be the largest and most heavy RV. Here are some other considerations to make when using an RV trailer service for your class A motorhome:

  • Drive-Away Services:
    Some companies provide drive-away service for Class A Motorhomes. A professional driver will drive your motorhome from its origin to the destination. This is a great option if you are uncomfortable driving or towing your motorhome over long distances.
  • Special Permits:
    Due to their weight and size, Class A Motorhomes may require special permits in some areas. The company that provides RV trailer transportation should obtain the required permits on your behalf.


Transporting a Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer with RV Trailer Transport Service:

The versatility of travel trailers and five-wheelers makes them popular. These RVs require special considerations for transporting.

  • Height restrictions: Be aware of height restrictions along certain routes. This will be taken into account by the RV trailer service provider when planning your route.
  • You may need to remove the awning in some cases depending on its size and how it is transported. You can discuss this with your chosen RV trailer transportation service provider for specific recommendations.


You can make sure that your RV reaches its destination in a safe and efficient manner by using a professional service for RV trailer transport. You can now navigate the process confidently after reading this guide. Before making a decision, make sure to compare and research different RV trailer service providers. Prepare your RV according to these guidelines, and any instructions given by the transport company. You can enjoy your next RV trip with confidence if you plan well and use a reliable service.

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Why Choose Dasie Transport LLC for Your RV Trailer Transport Needs?

After you’ve learned about the advantages of hiring an RV trailer transportation service, and what factors to look for when selecting a company, we will explore why Dasie Transport LLC may be the best fit for your needs.

Dasie Transport LLC, a reputable carrier with years of experience in the RV trailer transport industry, is known for its expertise and reliability. We provide a range of RV trailer transportation services to suit different budgets and needs. Dasie Transport LLC is a unique company.

  • Dasie Transport LLC has extensive experience in transporting RV trailers of all sizes, from small travel trailers to luxury Class A motorhomes. They use specialized equipment and experienced drivers to ensure that your RV is treated with the greatest care.
  • Dasie Transport LLC puts your peace of mind first. They have comprehensive insurance for vehicles that they transport. This protects your RV from any unexpected events during transportation.
  • Dasie Transport LLC offers a variety of service options. We understand that each RV owner is unique. They provide a range of transport services, such as towing, hauling with a flatbed, or even drive-away service for Class A motorhomes.
  • Dasie Transport LLC is committed to providing exceptional customer service. They are always available to answer questions, listen to concerns and keep you informed throughout the entire transport process. Communication is a priority, and they make sure you are informed at every stage.

Get a Quote from Dasie Transport LLC

Dasie Transport LLC offers a simple and straightforward process for requesting a quote. Visit our website or call us directly. The knowledgeable and friendly staff will collect details about the RV you are transporting, your preferred method of transport, and pickup and delivery locations. Using this information, you can receive a customized quote for RV trailer transport services.

Enjoy Your Next RV Adventure with Peace of Mind

You can enjoy your next RV trip with peace of mind by choosing Dasie Transport LLC. We will ensure that your RV arrives safely and on schedule. Let Dasie Transport LLC handle the logistics so you can focus on making lasting memories during your RV trip.

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